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What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

The Pagemeister

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A couple of very good blues performances.  Not sure if anyone knows these two artists, but I'm guessing some of you do.  First one is Chris Duarte Group and much like SRV.  Love his guitar work here.

Funny thing is I was listening to Pandora and my Jimmy Page radio and this was first song after JP's "Liquid Mercury."  The next artist was after this.

Another good one below and much like in some ways of the blues songs Jimmy Page incorporated in the WLL medleys from 1970-73.  Most like during the latter years than earlier.


Great version.  Like the studio recording but this is better.

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My favorite song about UFOs.  The lyrics are great fun.  Some samples

Spiro came to make a speech about raising the Mars tax (then US Vice President Spiro Agnew)

Ronnie the popular said it was a communist plot (then California Governor Ronald Reagan)

And my favorite lines:

The White House said put the thing in the blue room

The Vatican said no it belongs in Rome

Jody said its mine but you can have it for 17 million 



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