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7 hours ago, John M said:

Are there other Beatles albums you have not heard?  So much great material.  

Yeah, I was really surprised to be honest. I heard that song and had to look it up to see who sang it. I've only heard what radio plays - which is a LOT of variation, but obviously not all their works. So there might be a few deep cuts I have not heard. If some of their later work is akin to this, I'll add an LP to my wish list as I am starting a Vinyl collection (very slowly).

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On 4/23/2020 at 12:01 AM, rm2551 said:


What an unbelievably good song. Never knew the Beatles had this in them. (Yes, I have somewhat been living under a massive rock it would seem)

Better late than never. If you don't have the Beatles "Abbey Road" and "White Album", you are missing out.

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