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"Sugar Baby/Strawberry Jam" Riff


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'The first track generally thought to be from the sound check of a  '73 Chicago (or Minn.) show. Played as a brief instrumental during the pre-theramin section (usually occupied by various funk "The Crunge"/"Sex Machine" morphings)  of the WLL medley for a couple of nights and then, AFAIK, never to be heard again (which is a real shame) . You already know the one.

Any of you guitarists out there know how to play it correctly? Seems to be originating (or am I just erroneously thinking so) off a E7#9 . After a bit, the tune grinds to a halt and you hear Page do a light DMaj7 - E9sus4 almost as an afterthought before Plant asks if someone was taping the session.

I've also never seen a tutorial/lesson/whatever on the better known, similar version in the TSRTS - original soundtrack, not the remaster, of course. Which is surprising, given the spectacular, if all to brief, funk guitar performance. As with all things Page, its not the simple E9 Crunge slides but that right hand timing that could really use some light.

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