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Death Wish II and Solo Jimmy

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I just stumbled upon a youtube copy of the extended release of the Death Wish II soundtrack. One of the tunes left out form the original release was a really good one for my tastes: Baby I Miss You So, which reminds me of Rainbow. There's also this mellow instrumental. Though he was probably recycling and revisiting ideas and motifs already worked on, it seems Jimmy did still have a good bit of creative juice left at this point.

Reading up on the history of the project, I was astounded to discover that Jimmy produced the material in a very short time around August-September 1981. For a man supposedly down and out, the work is really very good. Just think about it: songwriting, lyrics, instrumentals and production.

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Michael Winner really did his buddy Jimmy a solid by getting him to do the soundtrack for "Death Wish II". We can all debate the merits of the soundtrack itself, but the important thing is that it got Jimmy working again post-Bonham.

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