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Record Store Day UK 2021 - Robert Plant 12"

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Heads up retro heads:

UK RSD release this summer. Robert Plant 12" coloured vinyl (limited) on "Mercury Studios" label.

Tracks: 1) Hurting Kind 2) Liar’s Dance 3) Tall Cool One 4) Wearing and Tearing

No further info; might be Knebworth 1990 tracks. Due 12th June.

Eye fank ewe.

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I am very excited for this release, and  I also saw that this is releasing for RSD here in the US.   Since I would imagine the sound quality is better than the versions I remember from youtube, this should be a great listen.  

I totally have bitched about this here before, but I am definitely not looking forward to contending with gangs of Ebay sellers at my local-but-not-so-local shop day of release, especially during this magically vomitous year.   Thankfully the release list is long, so maybe this will not the the focus of their panicked hoarding.  Maybe my local corporate owned shop (masquerading as a local record store) will set aside a copy for me if I ask super nicely.

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