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Alternate Timline: Led Zeppelin World Tour 2008-10

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Hi all Zeppelin fans. This is my first thread here (I think this is the correct forum sections?) and I would you like to ask (sorry if this was asked before) how do you think it would be organized that hyper speculated world tour that would have happen more or less 10 years ago. Lets say that we are in an alternate universe where Led Zeppelin members (RP, JP and JPJ) announced a world tour by early 2008, after the huge succes of O2 concert. What do you think it would have been organized? How many dates they would played? How many countries they would visit? What setlist they would played? For reference, this is a list of countries and cities LZ played in their career (https://www.ledzeppelin.com/venues/).


In addition, to give an example for bands almost contemporary of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones "A Bigger Bang Tour" was between 2005 to 2007 (exactly 2 years) and they played 147 gigs, on the contrary, ACDC "Black Ice World Tour" lasted 168 gigs between 1 year and 8 months (from october 2008 to june 2010). So I was thinking of a tour consisted by 160 shows with a length of 2 years (like 2008 to 2010). Remember that LZ neved did a world tour in their prime years, so the idea for the band is to visit for the first time new places like South America.


How it would be organized? I thought of something like these:


UK Leg (15 shows) -> november-december 2008

North America Leg (USA, Canada and Mexico, 70 shows) -> february-august 2009

South America Leg (Argentina, Brasil, Chile and Peru, 8 shows) -> september 2009

Oceania Leg (Australia and New Zealand, 7 shows) -> november 2009

Europe Leg (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Bulgaría, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, Poland, Norway, Finland and Romania, 50 shows) -> march-july 2010

Asia Leg (China, South Korea and Japan, 10 shows) -> october 2010



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7 hours ago, Strider said:

You'd be asking the guys to get along in close quarters for two years. Good luck with that.

Indeed, I would have given them maybe 20 shows tops due to Robert, and those would have been all coastal dates in the US plus four or five UK dates. These guys were late-middle age with a middle aged drummer. I know Robert and Jason would have had the stamina as they heavily toured but JPJ had not played a long tour since 2001, and Jimmy not since P&P. Plus old Robert likes his solo schtick too much and Alison Krauss. No way Robert would have agreed to more than 20 dates. Actually, Robert would have likely capped it at 10. 8 NA dates & 2 UK dates.

and the setlist, pretty much whatever Robert wanted, everyone else be damned.

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