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Rolling Stones Unreleased Album Cover

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Anyone know what album was originally supposed to follow up Exile on Main Street? It was a live album called Keep Your Motor Runnin', recorded during the 1972 tour. Eventually contract issues with ABKCO forced the cancellation of this album, but apparently not before a track listing was selected and artwork was prepared.

There was a Japanese bootleg released in 2000 of this album. Some of you reading this may have it already and know just how good it is. I've heard plenty of recordings from this tour before, but the tracks they selected for the album and the concert performances they chose were all spot on. It ends up being one of the heaviest and most rocking Stones experience I've ever heard (almost) put to wax. And the sound is great quality and in full stereo! The only drawback is the editing is a bit sloppy. It wouldn't surprise me if the source used was a rough assembly acetate of the album.

I downloaded this bootleg several years back, but several tracks were missing and I never tried to look for another copy until recently. It's been on repeat for several days now. 

So... the first night I was listening to the album, I was staring at the cover thinking it reminded me of something. It took a while... but then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I won't spoil it, but see for yourself:



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This could have been posted in the Rolling Stones thread. It's common knowledge among Stones and bootleg heads. The Zeppelin connection is tenuous...Led Zeppelin IV, for those playing along...but there were several albums released before Led Zeppelin IV that also used the tattered photo/poster/artwork hanging on a wall motif.

Here is more of the original artwork for the unreleased 1972 live album.



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7 hours ago, William Austin said:

Hint: it resembles another album cover from around the same time period. 

The thread has been moved here now, but I first had this posted on the LZ master section because this technically does pertain to Zeppelin. 

 A similar idea maybe but resemblance, that's a bit of a stretch, fair do's though, I see where you're coming from. Another one in a similar vain from a later period The Travelling Wilbury's. Anymore ?


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Whoops... didn't know there was a Rolling Stones thread. I must confess, I don't visit this section much. I typically like to talk about artists on their respective forums and not other ones. And that's not a knock to anyone on this board. Of all the boards I am a member of, this one definitely leans more friendly than most of them. 

Before downloading this album I had only seen the album cover once before and didn't notice then. What struck me when looking at the album cover this time was not only were the aesthetics similar, but the poster itself was in the exact same position on the cover as the one from LZ IV... slightly off-center to the right.

Here's hoping we get an archival release in the style of the originally proposed album before 2022 is out. The artwork is stunning and the track selection is magnificent. It feels like the true follow up to Exile in many ways. Instead they released More Hot Rocks, which was probably pretty cool at the time considering it contained tracks that were then-unreleased in North America, but overall the track listing seems rather underwhelming compared to its predecessor. That one could have waited another year or two for release. 

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