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13 hours ago, reids said:

Yep. Agree w/ you Brigante. Anyone trying to say Nirvana only made it because of Dave is trying to rewrite history. Nirvana was Kurt’s vision with Krist then (much later..., with Dave, as he was their 7th drummer, or so, I believe).  Nirvana was signed to SubPop label, made Bleach.  Got a big deal with Geffen Records (big budget to shoot “Teen Spirit”, was on MTV (TRL), heavy rotation everywhere (radio, tv, etc)). Dave was their best (and last) drummer, so he enjoyed the benefits of success (like Ringo for The Beatles; Pete Best, who???).  Anyway, this thread has shifted away from its original topic (the Bonham book, “Beast”, which I think is a stupid title, with no backing from anyone of note, so I will most likely pass). 


I don't think anybody said "only made it because of Dave"  ...  I know I didn't.  His drumming certainly made them more commercial. Right Drummer for the band. 

16 hours ago, Brigante said:

Lads, lads, let me get this straight: it wasn't Kurt, it wasn't Kurt's songs, it wasn't Butch's shiny production, it wasn't the big record label and it wasn't the alterna-rock culture change - it was because...they got a new drummer? Hmmm...🤔

all of the above.. No doubt Kurt Cobain was a genius songwriter. Butch Vig is an excellent Producer. Nirvana were the Alterna-rock culture change. They were the spearhead.. 

And Dave Grohl's drumming added a lot of memorable catchy licks to the songs..  

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On 4/17/2021 at 9:19 AM, the chase said:

It could be a great read, but that title pretty quickly brings back Hammer Of The Gods flashbacks..

I loved Hammer of the Gods! A friend showed it to me in the library on school vacation. I was about 14 and just got big into Zeppelin. Only had a couple cassettes, so when I was reading the book, I wondered what all these songs sounded like. I hadn't even heard WLL yet. I had Zeppelin 1 and Zeppelin 4 and that's all I had for quite a while. Anyhow, I started reading the book and it drew me in hook, line and sinker. I learned so much about 60s rock and blues music that I otherwise would never have known, and even about Robert Johnson and Paganini (selling their souls etc...). I thoroughly enjoyed it and it helped cement me as a life long Zeppelin fanatic.

Funny thing, I remember reading about Lori Maddox and how she was only 14. I was 14 too and I was thinking, "so what?" Needless to say, I think differently now at 47 than I did at 14! When I got the book, it had only been out a couple years. I think I was reading it in 1988. Years later I read how Jimmy and Robert didn't like the book and said that a lot of it was invented. I don't know. I've seen the both of them say contradictory things in interviews over the years. I bet most of the stuff in HOTG was true but they were embarrassed about it later. Who wants to admit to the Shark Incident when they're 70 years old?

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