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33 minutes ago, BobDobbs said:

Well, you lost me there as IMO the LA shows were much better on the whole (well, not the 24th, blech), unless your main point of contention is the dragging out of songs into Grateful Dead / Phish territory. If that's the case I cannot argue there as some were really good while others just meandered on, boring. The band as a whole though were more energetic and pretty tight during the majority of the March run. Plus Plant's vocals in LA were good for 75'. Funny as my favorite gig's from 75' are Montreal 2/6, NY 2/13 & 2/14, BR 2/28, LA 3/12 (my favorite show), the whole run from the 17th to the 21st, and LA 3/25. 

The 24th is, as you said, pretty bad... the 25th and 27th have their moments but I believe both of them to be pretty damn inconsistent - Plant isn't too hot on the opening songs on the 25th, neither is Page, but Dazed isn't too bad. The 27th is probably the best night of the run but Page misses the mark on a lot of key moments (Over the Hills, No Quarter, Dazed). And again, like you said, those shows definitely meander into marathon/Grateful Dead territory, especially on the 27th (No Quarter would be a home run if Page wrapped his solo up a few minutes earlier). At least Jones and Bonham maintain cohesion through all three shows, as I believe Jones peaked with Zeppelin through those March 1975 shows.

Either way, I'd still prefer to listen to Bloomington for its compact setlist, inclusion of The Wanton Song and Levee over the overtly long Dazed and Confused, and glimmer of what the 1975 tour could've been if the band took a few days off when Plant had the flu and Page lessened his Jack Daniels intake.

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