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1977.05.21 Remastered Soundboard


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Another breathtaking remaster Steve my friend. Blown away. The instruments all so clean and perfectly heard. bass high in the mix as it should be. Jones has one killer bass tone. 

IMTOD is stunning!!!!! 

Hey Steve, you hard work is always so very much appreciated. 

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Really enjoying the acoustic set.  That bass !!  

I do wish they had done the full Black Country Woman on that tour, with the harmonica.  They were killing it on that tune in 1977 including Plant hamming it up with his "Elvis" vocals.  A second harmonica spot in the 1977 set would have been nice.


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Mattius noticed the end of Kashmir is cut off. I figured out what happened. Before the conversion to stereo, I break each song into 3:30 segments because they are easier to work with. I then reassemble them into the full length song after the conversion when I'm mixing them into stereo. For Kashmir, I forgot to add the last segment back onto the rest. Sorry about that. I'll fix it and will update this thread to let people know how they can get the full length version, although that may take a bit as I have to go to work soon.

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