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On 8/7/2021 at 8:42 AM, reids said:


I think the article title is just click bait, but here it is. Plant was mourning his son’s passing and Jones added keys for the sentiment. 


You gotta love the stuff Page comes up with.  The song is too soft.  Uhmm...Going to California soft?  Rain Song soft?  That's the Way (great freakin song) soft?  I think for Page it was more of a "I didn't have enough involvement cause I was too stoned" soft type thing.

Didn't mean to veer too far off topic.  My older brother at the time LOVED the song, he was a huge Zep fan.  I was just getting into them, completely (and still slightly so to this day) gobsmacked by Black Dog.  So for me, AML was, well, to quote Mr. Page, "too soft".

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