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Charlie Watts views on Zeppelin...


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Just a little surprised there hasn’t been a statement from Jimmy on Charlie Watts as he did for Bowie and some others.  He’s certainly not obligated but they did know each other a long time and played together on various occasions.  And as Charlie’s quote illustrates, he had great respect for Zep in general, and Page/Bonham in particular.  His views on Bonham are in stark contrast to Keef’s that’s for sure!

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I believe in the book The Big Beat by Max Weinberg, he interviews Watts. Charlie says something very intriguing about Bonham. He mentions Kashmir and then states that Bonham was good at “ what Bonham does “.  Basically he’s saying that every drummer that creates a style needs to own that style. Something like that…if I recall. I read it 30 yrs ago. 

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