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Response to Music


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Hey! This is a topic which I really wanted to share in this forum. 

Today, I learnt how music can affect plant growth and development. 

Ok so an experiment was carried on this(many years back in our school). Two healthy potted young plants were taken in two sound-proof glass jars separately. Inside one jar, heavy rock music(Idk which band) was played 24×7. In the other, some soothing Mozart music was played all time. All the other plant requirements like water,  sunlight,  air were provided to both of them.  

Daily photographs were taken.  After 10 days, it was observed that the plant which was kept in soft music grew long and healthy. But the other plant showed stunted growth with drooping leaves.  

The same experiment was carried out with seeds with the same apparatus. And the results were similar. The seeds exposed to rock music hardly germinated. But the other jar showed germination.  


What do you think?


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