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Sequencing the fourth album, a.k.a. Runes, IV, etc. (fantasy)


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Enjoy with your ears, or in combo with your favorite beverage and/or herb:

Rock and Roll
Misty Mountain Hop
The Battle of Evermore
Four Sticks
Going to California
Night Flight

Black Dog
Stairway to Heaven
Down by the Seaside
When the Levee Breaks

* Boogie with Stu could have been saved for the Houses album, maybe as a replacement for D'yer Ma'ker

**Each side approx 26 minutes--vinyl could accommodate approx. 30 minutes per side, albeit at a lower volume -- but hey, Dylan did it with his "Desire" album, and "Dazed.." from the TSRTS soundtrack clocked in at about 27 minutes. (yeah, i know, whaddabout the track separation? ...like I said, this is fantasy!)

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