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One of My Top 10 All-Time Favorite Jimmy Page Photos


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Oh, but I´m thinking about how The Stones has travelled the world now for the last 30 years playing more or less the same show: The Greatest Hits Package, with Keith playing worse and worse, and Jagger desperately trying to pretend to be about 30 years old or something. I honestly think of it as a kind of circus act - one that I have (shamelessly) witnessed several times, but the last show I saw simply put me off.

Do something new guys or retire... that is my take on The Stones.

And that´s just why I find the 02-show so refreshing... The Zep lads seemed so dignified, they played their music with such honest integrity... it wasn´t a circus act, Plant didn´t even do those stupid "arm gestures" of old, he just sang the best he could - it was just mindblowing wonderful! Old men playing timeless music. John Paul Jones! And Jimmy Page! So elegantly nonchalant, buut with 100% integrity!

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy....


well..i never saw a rolling stones gig and i never saw a led zeppelin gig..

but..how should i say..when led zeppelin had played the last 30 years they would be play the same way as,in your opinion, the rolling stones nowadays. but they didn´t..and for them is was refreshing too

and i think the rolling stones have also an 100% integrity...the last album was great..i love it.

one thing at the stones is that the have no one they can fight with..in the 60 the had the beatles and so on..but now they are pretty alone.

you can´t count the new bands..the just don´t work.

i also hope led zep will tour..

i wanna see them just once in my life

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sans the tophat i suppose.

love the fact that you cant see his face too, adds to the mystique.

actually when i was posting that picture i almost got in a fight... one of my friends asked "is that a dude or a chick"...

i am now contemplating dis-friending him.

Obviously, your friend has no clue about Jimmy. I think the reason he kept his hair long was to hide his face. I wouldn't "dis-friend', though. Just explain the "Jimmy hair".

Don't get mad. He did look better than most girls. And that's a compliment! I wish I had those lips! At least my daughters do.

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In fact, my other favourite is that blck and white one with Keith Richards standing by a sign at Seattle airport saying something like "Patience please! A drug free Seattle comes first!" He is dressed in a white overall and is sporting big sunglasses!

This doesn´t mean that I endorse drug use etc. But it´s just so ROCK AND ROLL, insn´t it?

SO 1970´s?

The photographer said he intended to take one of Mick & Keith together with that sign

but after the shot with Keith was taken the immigration officials started yelling at him

for taking photos so he never got the chance.

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I love talking with you, Shiela (and now I´m spelling your name right for the first time, I´m really sorry...). And your point is that if Zeppelin had continued to play forever and ever after Bonham´s death, they would have been just like The Rolling Stones are today. Yeah... that could have been the case and because of that (and only because of that), Bonham´s death might have been a blessing to the music world - in my opinion.

I totally respect your opinion, of course, that you think The Stones are still good today. I don´t think so, though. I absolutely adore and love their music from 1968 - 1972, but think they have totally declined from then. You mention that you love their latest album. Have you listened to the ones from the period I mention? If so, what do think about them?

Also, you say you can´t count the new bands: ""they just don´t work". This is intereting to me. From your avatar I take it that you are a young woman? (I have not checked out your My Space, yet). Is this really so - you don´t like new music, but prefers music from for instance the 1970´s?

i wouldn´t say that bonhams death have been a blessing to the music world..it sounds a bit hard.

the albums from their beginning to the middle of the 70 are just music history..they are really great. but after 1975 the music world changed..the genre POP arrived..1980 nearly everything was pop...and i think that´s why you like the earlier albums more than the new ones...but the stones got back to the rock in the 90.

i´m 18 and i just love the music from the 60´s and 70´s.sometimes i hear buddy holly or others from the 50´s.

but i also like "newer" bands like the chili peppers and foo fighters. there are not many bands after 1980 i like

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This is an old topic, I know, but I didn't wanted to start a new one...

So, I've seen a lot of picture about Jimmy too, but if I would choice only one of those, it would be this. Maybe he had pictures, where he looks better but this is my favourite, because it shows the truth, I mean it's a spontaneous and natural shot. If I don't know who is in the picture, I could write a story about him.

I see his smile, but I see a broken person at the same time. I don't know exactly why... maybe because he's very slim and he's smiling like a lunatic a little.

And sorry for my english.


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I see his smile, but I see a broken person at the same time. I don't know exactly why... maybe because he's very slim and he's smiling like a lunatic a little.

And sorry for my english.

One word, Heroin.

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