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Remembering the O2 pre concert madness and the lost members, and the email lottery we will never forget

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On 9/18/2021 at 5:51 PM, chillumpuffer said:

It was a Joke. (Apparently) millions applied and the place was half full of corporate or celebs. You could have turned up on the night and got in. Few people did. I remember " fans" like Naomi Campbell wandering through. A fan?? OK name all of the albums or the band members themselves you twat. If it was such a lottery how come these people got in?? Oh of course it was "The Gig" of the year. The place to be seen. Pathetic really

20k capacity, 9000 pairs in the lottery for 2 tickets each, 2k kept back for the band / sponsors and their guests. that 20m applicants fighting for 9000 pairs was the shitshow it was, wasn't exactly a surprise. You can certainly argue that a show like that should only have the band guests and not corporates but you'll be surprised to see how few tickets of the 20k capacity are available to normal punters for your average O2 show. Not that it helps those who weren't there, but for any other show in the O2 you are probably looking at 10-15k tickets max available to the general public (excluding band allocation, sponsors, and numerous others kept back for channels like phone company customers, fan sales, venue associates etc). 


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