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Anyone know if Nite Owl is still realising stuff?


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I've got his (their?)  27/04/69 and 04/09/1970 stereo matrix's -  I may have more. They are of excellent quality and he/they along with Steve (The Stereo Project) have released some brilliant stuff. Haven't seen anything new from Nite Owl for quite a long time and was wandering if he'd moved on to something else.

Haven't seen a Winston release for a while either - the last one I recall was his work on the 29/09/71 soundboard, How the East Was Won.

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I wish I had the time, skill and ear to do what Steve, Nite Owl, Dagdad, Winston and others have accomplished over the past few years.  If the gravy train stopped now I would not complain, what we have is beyond what I would have ever expected (I've been collecting since the late 80's). And all for free no less.  My jaw drops every time I listen to SIBLY on Nite Owl's Vienna project.  I simply cannot believe multiple AUDs were used to created a stereo image like that. DAMN.

If I had the proper programs and knowledge, my choice for an attempt would be Seattle from the 73 tour.  There are now two clear AUDs (one a stereo tape that was an early bootleg classic, the other is a gorgeous mono capture that was recently re-transferred and upped on Dime), and a partial soundboard.  Imagine using Steve's skills to divide up the SBD into multi-tracks and then Nite Owl using his/her/their matrix skills with the SBD parts and AUD sources.  Oh ya, that would be fantastic if it could actually work out.   That's the thing I suppose, you need the right sources that compliment each other, so it's not just a matter of using every available source. I think there is a good amount of luck in the mix as well.

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12 hours ago, lololabrute said:

I'm Batman.

If that's the case, you should get these headphones.  They cost more than a used car, but apparently they are incredible.  A little flashy for ole Thalassophile, but the style is right up your ally (it will go well with the suite). And you can afford the $4,000.00 price tag there, Bruce.



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