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Your Favorite Three '60s Albums

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Impossible to pick....so 3 at random from my faves....:P

Totally agree.. Here's three from my 100 favourite 60's albums.. :D

The Sonics - BOOM


The Flying Burrito Brothers - The Gilded Palace Of Sin


The Kinks - The Village Green Preservation Society


Let me know if you want to know which the other 97 albums are.. ;)

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This is tough (Just three?) jeez...

If if must, I would pick, wait, I really cant do this...three is impossible! How about my favorite 60's album from my top three artists? That way they are all represented:


Led Zeppelin I

The Doors The Doors (1st album)

Unbelievable debut albums from the greatest artists of the 60's...though, I must add that Electric Ladyland is my personal favorite!!!

"Well I float in liquid gardens...way down by the methane sea..."

UNBELIEVABLE MASTERPIECE!!!! 'Course, "Are you Exp..." is also the UNBELIEVABLE DEBUT MASTERPIECE!!!! sorry, topic poster!!!

edited for spelling and punctuation-sfl

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