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Favorite Shows by Year


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What's your favorite show from each year Zep toured with Bonzo? For the purposes of this list, I'm counting the TSRTS and HTWWW as being single shows.

1968: Dec 30 - I wish we had more recordings from 1968, but this will do for now. Poor Vanilla Fudge, trying to follow the mighty young Zep.

1969: April 27 - For me, this is when Led Zeppelin took the rock music crown from whoever had it before. I wish Jimmy had released this as the companion to the remaster of the first album because everyone should be able to experience this killer version of As Long As I Have You.

1970: Jan 9 - It was a hard call between this and Blueberry Hill. I went with this because of the video, and because it was Jimmy's birthday.

1971: Sept 29 - For me, this is as good as rock music gets. There's more musical excitement in the Immigrant Song than most bands generate in their entire careers, and that's just the opening song from this stellar night. 

1972: How The West Was Won - I prefer single shows over compilations and I wish we had an official "warts and all" release of both shows, but I'll take what I can get when it comes to this period, especially when it's professionally recorded.

1973: The Song Remains The Same - My first exposure to live Zep. It's hard to explain to people who didn't live through the late 70's and '80's how much this movie meant to us then. Midnight showings of it were nearly religious experiences. And to top it off, No Quarter and Stairway To Heaven from the soundtrack are my two all-time favorite pieces of music. Not just Zep. All music, ever.  

1975: March 21 - I've been listening to this quite a bit recently while I work on remastering it, and I'm having a hard time doing the remaster because I get so caught up in the performance. You know it's a great show when a 40 minute version of Dazed seems too short.

1977: June 7 - A buddy was at this show, so I have vicarious memories of it from talking to him about what it was like to be there.

1979: July 23 - I got into Zep in 1978, so this was the first concert they played while I was a fan. Unfortunately, this show and all of the rest through 1980 were on the wrong side of the Atlantic for me, so listening to recordings from this period is a bittersweet reminder of what I missed.

1980: July 7 - A sentimental favorite, but enjoyable on its own for the killer version of WLL.


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I can only comment on the years I mainly listen to:

'71:  Hard to vote against 9-29, given the caliber of the performance, completeness, and quality of sources.  But I do love Hampton, really powerful playing, a pity it's not complete.

'72:  I'm going to go with the Tuscon show, it doesn't get as much attention as Seattle or LA, but the playing is fantastic.

'73:  Really tough one, since it's my favorite year.  I've really been enjoying the 2nd Detroit show that just showed up (complete) last year, so I'll go with that one right now.  Or maybe just make the two Detroit nights a package deal.

'75:  Gotta be 3-21, although 3-12 is neck-and-neck.

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Great lists ^^. It's funny to see this post today because I was thinking this same question to myself just yesterday, it's a tough question but I realized it's simple to answer. The ones I listen to the most must be my favs, so here they are:

1969 - 4/27

1970 - 9/19

1971 - 5/3

1972 - 12/8

1973 - 6/3

1975 - 5/24

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5 minutes ago, JohnOsbourne said:

I hate leaving off Manchester or Glasgow from '72, or Vienna from '73.  It might make more sense to arrange this by tour, not year.

I thought of that, but it seemed like it would take so much research that nobody would bother posting their lists.

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8 hours ago, SteveZ98 said:

I thought of that, but it seemed like it would take so much research that nobody would bother posting their lists.

with THIS crowd? I think they would absolutely post by tour 😂 Maybe make it tour optional, depending on listening preference?

Here are mine, by tours/shows I regularly listen to (the rest I left off)

1969 - 4/27 the only show I listen to with any regularity from this year

1970 Spring Tour - Montreaux

1970 -Fall Tour - MSG 9/19

1971 Back to the Clubs - Copenhagen 5/3 (I prefer Belfast 3/5 but listen to 5/3 much more due to better sound quality)

1971 - US Tour - LA Forum 8/21

1971 - Fall UK Tour - Leicester 11/25

1972/73 - UK Winter Tour - Manchester 12/8 followed closely by Bradford 1/18 (all time fav WLL!)

1973 - Euro Tour - Offenburg

1973 US Tour - LA Forum 6/3

1975 US Tour - Montreal 2/6 followed closely by San Diego 3/10 

1975 Earl's Court - 5/24



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