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Led Zeppelin Tour Manager Richard Cole (1946-2021)


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Yesterday, on the 2nd of December at 2.05am, Richard Cole passed after a brave and lengthy fight against cancer.
Richard and I went back a long way and he had been recruited by Peter Grant to be tour manager with the Yardbirds Keith Relf, Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja, and myself during our American touring schedule of underground venues. He was with me at the time that band folded and when I formed @ledzeppelin.
From the time of the rehearsals at my home at Pangbourne through to the touring of the USA, we witnessed the phenomena that was Led Zeppelin. He was there for the first and last concerts of the band.
He was a brother and a friend to the end. Goodbye my dear friend. They were special times and so were you.
Photo: @davebenett (2018) - Richard and JP at the launch of the Reel Art Press book Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin at National Portrait Gallery, London.#davebenettphotos
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2 hours ago, lynxwizard said:

He was there for the first and last concerts of the band. Jimmy Page. 02 was just one show 1980 tour was 14 shows and Richard was not involved, Last LZ show Berlin 80,

Not a big deal I guess but we are here for the facts I thought ....

Jimmy's statement doesn't say Richard was involved in the last tour, it says he was there for the first and last concerts. Bear in mind Richard has died. 

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Yes he does, he says Richard was there for the first and last concert's. concert's as in more then one show. 1980, its pretty black and white IMO, you may think otherwise of course. it does not matter if Richard has passed or not, he was not involved in the last shows. 

PS Steve thank you for all you give on this site. 

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29 minutes ago, SteveAJones said:

Seriously, are you stupid or something?

Honestly that made me spit the coffee out of my nose/face when I read it. Thank you for the laugh today Mr. Jones! 

Also thank you for the thread. Richards book was one of the first books I got when I started getting deep into Zeppelin as a teenager. While I’m sure certain parts were maybe exaggerated, I also tend to think that much more of it was his true recollections of the times and experiences. Doesn’t make them accurate, or exactly what it was. But it was to him I believe. What a life he lived. 

I would have loved to have had a conversation or two with him. He is truly a remarkable story. When you consider what he participated in the 70’s to have come out of that alive is a miracle. Then to have had the second or third act is pretty incredible. Bless his family and friends. He will be missed by many. 

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4 hours ago, lynxwizard said:

OK, that is uncalled for, I could act like a child like  yourself, any respect I may have had for you is gone, I will take the high road, Later................... 

When someone says "first and last concerts" the plural being referred to are those two concerts respectively, not ALL concerts, not multiple of a particular tour but just those two concerts, the first one September 7th, 1968 & December 10th 2007.

Now you can argue whether the 02 show was a Zeppelin show as John Bonham was not there, but Jimmy believes it was and that's all that matters as he is speaking from his perspective, not yours.

Hope that makes everything crystal clear

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