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Led Zeppelin Tour Manager Richard Cole (1946-2021)


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16 minutes ago, lynxwizard said:

Jimmy can of course think what he wants just like you and me.  LZ stopped in Sept 80 IMO, you needed those 4 to be LZ and that matters to me with my perspective. 

You are reading way too much into a commemoration Page made to a close associate.  Why are these details so important to you?  Even if Page's memory was failing him on this, how does that change the fact that Cole was with the band (in body and spirit) for almost their entire existence (Tour Over Europe aside)?

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31 minutes ago, lynxwizard said:

Maybe, just thought facts mattered. 

There is a big difference between facts and splitting hairs which is what you're doing. If you wish to continue to come off as a 3rd grader after painting yourself in a dialectic corner, be my guest, it only shows your desperation. 

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