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Profile of Listen (One of Robert Plant's Pre-Zep Bands)

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I always wondered what happened to "The Pakistani Rent Collector", or if the song even existed at all.

The "common" lore is that Plant was only a member of this band for a very short time, but this article tends to contradict that (in the very least they were together from June to December 1966, when their 45 was released).

I know one of these guys moved to Australia, and another one (Crutchley?) still occasionally plays in pub bands around the midlands.

There's another picture of Plant with the band here:


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I also like how the 17-year-old lists "brandy and coke" as his favorite drink. :D

I like that too.

He likes mod girls; reminds me of Spats.


that article says he's 5' 11 1/2 I thought he was 6'1 or something.

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I've heard some of Robert's early recordings ("You Better Run", "Everybody's Gonna Say", "Laughing Crying Laughing", "Our Song")- are they all Robert with Listen, or are some of them just solo?

Those were all solo singles under contract with CBS Records and session musicians were used throughout. Swandown can correct me if I'm wrong, but we covered a lot of this

ground in the Zeppelin Mysteries thread.

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I've heard some of Robert's early recordings ("You Better Run", "Everybody's Gonna Say", "Laughing Crying Laughing", "Our Song")- are they all Robert with Listen, or are some of them just solo?

"You Better Run" and "Everybody's Gonna Say" were released under the name "Listen" in October 1966, although in reality the rest of the band was replaced by session musicians. That might explain why the group broke up shortly thereafter.

"Our Song", "Laughin', Cryin', Laughin'", "Long Time Coming" and "I've Got A Secret" were released under the name "Robert Plant" and also feature session musicians (although it has been reported that Plant managed to get Bonzo hired as the session drummer for the latter two songs).

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Bingo tribute to club owner legend

The woman who cooked chicken and chips for The Beatles and made sure Noddy Holder stayed off the ale was given a moving send-off as musicians joined family and friends for her funeral.

More than 100 people were at the Plaza, Old Hill, to remember 94-year-old Mary Regan, known as Ma to the bands she employed, after yesterday’s funeral at The Oratory, Edgbaston Mourners were asked to play bingo in her honour.

It was free to all Plaza members and called by Ron Jordan, 79, who was resident bingo caller at the club for more than 20 years.

Grandson Darren Howe, 38, of Brighton, paid tribute to a “formidable but kindly” Irish grandmother, a teacher turned club owner who brought top 60s bands to the Black Country venue.

She also ran three Birmingham clubs, including the Plaza, Handsworth, and the Ritz, Kings Heath, which became known as “the Regan circuit”.

Acts on the circuit included The Beatles, Kinks, The Animals, Dusty Springfield, Brenda Lee, The Searchers, The Tremeloes, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Manfred Mann, The Moody Blues, Jerry Lee Lewis and Del Shannon.

Geoff Thompson and John Crutchley, who played in a band called Listen with later Led Zeppelin guitarist Robert Plant at Old Hill, were among those paying respects yesterday.

Cannock-born Geoff, 63, now of Walsall, said: “Doing sometimes three gigs in a night was unique to this area, and they were great times.” John, 61, of Aldridge, said: “Robert Plant was DJ here when we came to play and Ma got him in with us when our rhythm guitarist left. You could say that without Ma Regan, Led Zeppelin might not have happened.”

Bob Bailey, who used to drive the bands, said of The Beatles: “When they played here, there was nowhere for them to stay so Ma put them up at her home in Woodbourne Road, Edgbaston.”

Mrs Regan, who had two children, six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, died on March 13.


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