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Serge Gainsbourg


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Any fans?

Histoire de Melody Nelson is one of my favorite recordings of the 70s, and you can definitely hear his influence in contemporary artists like Blonde Redhead, Air, Beck, etc.

I just found out that he made a video for each of the songs on that album, and they can be seen on youtube.


2)Ballade de Melody Nelson

3)Valse de Melody

4)Ah! Melody

5)L'hôtel particulier

6)En Melody

7)Cargo Culte

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I like what I've heard of him, and I plan on purchasing some of his 70's recordings if I stumble across them.

Unfortunatly the only record by him I have, is the duet with Jane Birkin and probably the song he's most famous for, the 1969 single Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus.


Thanks for posting the links, there are some pretty cool stuff there.

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