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Grading Led Zeppelin's Catalog

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So how do you grade songs and albums in your head.  My take is this.  I go by atmosphere for the most part.  

My grade for Zep albums are this.  Zep1-A.  Zep-2 A+.  Zep -3.  ZoSo-A+.  HOTH-A.  PG-A+.  P-B. ITTOD-B+.  Coda-C+.  Love Zep.  My all time favourite band.  Bonzo to me was the only member that was rock solid from start to finish.  

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1 = A ( Very nearly had the + to go with the A, what a debut record ).

2 = A+ ( Superlative album ).

3 = A+ ( As above, showing the versatility and musical influences of the band ).

4 = A+ ( Nothing needs to be said ).

Houses ...... = B ( Some terrific songs and future live favourites let down by an awful sounding recording ).

Physical ...... = A+ ( See comment for Zep 4 ).

Presence ...... = B ( Some good songs among the not so hot ).

In Through ...... B ( As above ).

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