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Placing CODA tracks to original albums

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I have tried this out, including the PG tracks, with varying degrees of success.  One playlist I made for Houses of the Holy worked well, mainly because it showed (to my ears anyway) how well "Houses of the Holy" the song fits on House of the Holy the album, in terms of mood, sound, etc.

I slotted in

The Rover after Over the Hills

Houses of the Holy to kick off Side 2 before Dancing Days

Black Country Woman after Dancing Days, or maybe now that I think about it some more, maybe put Black Country Woman between Houses of the Holy and Dancing Days to break them up with an acoustic number.

Walter's Walk after NQ and before The Ocean, although the 1982 vocal in this track never really worked for me, and that becomes more apparent when listening to it in the context of the 1972 vocals on Houses.  


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The only album I listen to differently than it was released is ITTOD. I incorporate tracks from Coda to make it a double album. 

Side 1

In The Evening
Ozone Baby
South Bound Saurez 
Side 2
Hot Dog
Fool In The Rain
Wearing and Tearing
Side 3
Walter's Walk
Bonzo's Montreux 
Side 4
All My Love
I'm Gonna Crawl
Now, Physical Graffiti it isn't, but it makes for a much stronger, more complete album. Not to mention cohesive since it was mostly all recorded together. 
The original tracks pretty much all appear in the same order, and the albums begins and ends the same way as originally. I actually sometimes forget that it was really a single album and not a double. 😄
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