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Robert Plant Song of the Day

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While I'm sitting here working out the cost of the next deal, I have had the following thundering through the village of Cow Bay skimming across the Atlantic ocean:

- Angel Dance

- Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night

- Hurting Kind I've Got My Eyes On You

- Shine It All Around

- Calling To You

- Down to the Sea

- Most High

- Shinning In the Light

- Blue Train

- Another Tribe

- In the Mood

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The interviews in this video are great not to mention the rehearsal footage….a very accurate view into the post zeppelin world of 1988 for the younger generations in this forum who couldn’t experience it .


01. Billy's Revenge

02. In The Light (intro)

03. Nonody"s Fault But Mine

04. In The Mood

05. Ship Of Fools

06. Going To California

07. Dancing On My Own

Music Approx: 51 Minutes.


Interview With Charlie Jones (Bass) (Approx. 6 Mins.)

Interview With Chris Blackwell (Drums) (Approx. 8 Mins.)

Interview With Phil Johnstone (Keyboards) (Approx.17 Mins.)

Interview With Doug Boyle (Guitar) (Approx. 6 Mins.)

Interview With Robert Plant (Vocals) (Approx. 30 Mins.)

Total Time: Approx. 119 Minutes

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