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5 minutes ago, John76 said:

OK thankyou, signatures do look real cause there names are missing off the sleeve. As for the drawing it may or may not be the same blue pen. Would like to know a little more why Robert Plant and John were not printed.

Because they were neither the Producer (Page) nor the Executive Producer (Grant) of the album.

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Are you taking the piss? Is this a joke?

Do you really think those are real signatures? When have you ever seen Robert Plant or John Bonham listed as a producer on a Led Zeppelin album? Their names are missing from the sleeve? Show us the entire sleeve, then. Do you really think that badly drawn blimp is something Jimmy or someone from the band would doodle on the album? Why are your pictures upside down? What is your problem with "The Lemon Song"? It is a song that is on Led Zeppelin II...just as the label says. What are you prattling on about?

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