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People who look like the band members

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hehe my best friends big brothers best friend (its hard to follow lol) is the spitting image of percy in about 68/69. its quite scary actually. he has awesome hair :D

crap, you are in Australia. can you bring him to the usa please? :thanku:

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One of my brothers friends, who I used to go to primary school with, I saw drive past and he looked like Robert Plant, exactly. He had the same nose, big golden locks and he can sing really well! I'm thinking I should ring him up and start a band or something ^_^ .

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Really!!?? I don't see the resemblance...apart from the fact they are both singing.

To each his own, as the saying goes, but I've always thought he looks like Bono in that pic. Perhaps a younger, "Joshua Tree" Bono would have been a better comparison. :blush:

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