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Rotterdam / June 21, 1980 (New Photos - 2 photographers)


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These photo's remind of what could have been...Thanks, both of you.

I still feel so stupid, not going to the concert... I made plans for a holiday in Spain, 4 or 5 months before. The trip was quite expensive, so not going to Spain was no option. Besides the money spent I was assuming I would get another chance in the near future. How wrong could I be...!

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This is one of the best shows of the 80' tour. The only mediocre parts are SIBLY (not a bad version, just somewhat off if that makes sense), and Plant's vocal delivery on what is otherwise a stellar version of STH. Stairway has a fantastic solo by Page and the whole song just has a good flow in general.

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6 hours ago, jsj said:

Why did Planty wear the same clothes at every gig on this tour? 

Like he did on the 1973 US tour if I remember it correctly. I guess with the exception of Bonzo`s  Birthday Party at the Forum he sticked to the boring blue Denim Jeans, bare chest and that boring blue blouse for little girls.

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Great photos, but (listening the bootleg recordings) Rotterdam was in my opinion a less than average gig on that tour, before an audience that was half asleep (I remember a readers letter to Melody Maker from a british fan who confirmed this and complained about the apathetic dutchmen)

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