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Best Led Zeppelin song no one knows/knew about

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"She Loves You," released 1963.  Sounds almost Beatlesque.

Seriously, by now I can't think of any LZ songs that nobody knows about...Some are certainly underappreciated (I'd cite "Tea For One," "The Rover," "I'm Gonna Crawl," and "Bron-yr-Aur"), but after fifty years and around 300 million records sold, Led Zeppelin will never qualify as a cult band.

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When i was 18 and a new Zep fan who had only really heard the first 5 albums or so i was at my cousins place and we may had hypothetically dropped acid and someone put on the album Presence and it threw me for quite a loop since it was songs i had never heard before and they were mostly different from the usual style of the Zep albums i was used to so in my state of mind it was very confusing, but i survived the night and afterwards aquainted myself with the remainder of their discography and anything else by them i could get my hands on, unfortunately for a long time i was a Page fanatic and it really took away from my appreciation of the other members and the group as a whole, but i eventually got over that and was able to understand how incredibly they all worked as a team and how rare it was for a group of 4 people like them with their talents to get together when they did and do what they did, it was like a perfect storm or catching lightning in a bottle and i for one am glad they decided to call it quits after the death of Bonzo and did not try to replace him as even though i'm sure the music they made would have been great it would not have been Zeppelin.

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I consider "Down by the Seaside" something of a lost song outside uber fans. No real radio play or mainstream visibility. Not played live. Usually gets overshadowed by the other favs on PG. A deep cut and a leftover.

Maybe a future generation of Zep fans won't hate "Carouselambra" so much. A lot of Zep awesomeness crammed into that track. 

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