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Becoming Led Zeppelin documentary & American Epic (Quick Update)


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AMERICAN EPIC:  The filmmakers behind Becoming Led Zeppelin have announced the Japanese premiere of their American Epic series of films at the Peter Barakan Music Film Festival in Tokyo this weekend. If anyone will be in the area, I would recommend going, as not only are these films a fantastic journey, but they’ll also give you a great idea of the quality you can look forward to when they finish post production on Becoming Led Zeppelin.

For more info in Japanese: https://pbmff.jp
For more info in English: https://pbmff.jp/english.html

OMOTE_1.jpg  AE in Japan.jpg



Regarding 'Becoming Led Zeppelin', I understand they are nearing the end of the edit and have been taking advantage of the time to make the film as good as possible. I have seen the film in several stages and think it is an extraordinary piece of work that I hope we all get to share in soon.

As the filmmakers have told me, they’ll continue to be on the search for unseen archive from the period the film covers all the way until the film is released, so if anyone has anything they would like to send their way, please reach out to me. A few new gems have been added since its public screening last year.

- Sam Rapallo

[Photo] A behind-the-scenes sneak peak with editor Dan Gitlin, working on 'Becoming Led Zeppelin':



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Sounds good and looking forward to see it.

Perhaps, some of these gems are some of the film clips that have surfaced on YT over the past few months and especially over the last week. Maybe one of these is the one that will be out tomorrow for the 9/4 anniversary of that historic show?

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