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Best Concert Ever

Michael Fry

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I know this recently showed up on the "What Show Or Live Song Are You Listening To Now" topic but I just thought this mammoth achievement deserved more attention in its own right.

We're so lucky to be part of such a dynamic and proactive community. The Dogs Of Doom team and GR's guys make being a fan in the 2020s an absolute joy. It hasn't been this exciting since the CD revolution of the 1990s. However, recent advances in technology have also been a game-changer. The matrix and remastering projects from the likes of Nite Owl and SteveZ98 blow my mind, as do all the restored and audio/video-synced clips that continue to appear. So when I stumbled across this, I figured that this guy deserved recognition alongside all these other wonderful people.

5 hours (!!!) of well-edited brilliance. Check it out and show your appreciation if you like it. I certainly hope Mr. Jimmy Page comes across it!


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23 minutes ago, SteveZ98 said:

Yeah, this is amazing. I can't imagine how much work it must have been. And if you like this, check out Badgeholder Blues from ledzepfilm, which is a similar kind of project for the 1977 tour.

I'll certainly second that, Steve. Badgeholder Blues raised the bar quite considerably!

WhatIsAndWhatShouldBe states that his Best Concert Ever project took 300+ hours over 7 months and it sure looks like it. A very professional job indeed.



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I concur! The audio/video that has come available over the past few years is mind blowing. Especially these past few weeks. Thanks to everyone involved in finding the material and putting it together…. the syncing must be a nightmare. This old Zephead appreciates the hard work that is involved. Cheers!

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