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7th Character Cut From Todd Hayne's Dylan Biopic "I'm Not There"


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I was just reading about this in the newest issue of either Mojo or Uncut. Director Todd Haynes addresses it in this recent interview from The Huffington Post:


You mention seven characters, but only six are in the film. What Dylan variant got the axe?

As described on the one-sheet, the seventh character was named Charlie; he was going to be a one-off story that occurred through one of Woody's fanciful tales. When Dylan came to New York in the early 1960s, he was described countless times, mostly in the way he performed in his first stage appearances, as Chaplin-esque. He had these baggy pants and this little urchin face, and he would do little bits of business where he'd slip off his stool and his hat would fall off and he'd put it back up again and it'd fall off the other side, and the first ways that he adapted classic blues songs to his own theme, in the folk tradition, were humorous and had a tramp-like quality to them. So this seventh character was a silent-screen, Chaplin-like Dylan, who performs these little feats of magic and whimsy in Greenwich Village and ultimately resolves the conflict between the Beats and the Folkies, a very Romeo-and-Juliet moment.

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