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Its been a lonely...lonely. lonely lonely lonely....time


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I may be:

a) Sad


c)Only a few years younger than master Page

d)Had my brians scambled in the seventies.by Rock........but here is the dream

Security and organisation aside.... LZ play to the world.. a residency.. not in LA or London or Paris but close to Kashmir... If the world were a better place a secure festival venue could be created complete with tented accomodation and a combination of travel and tickets for several shows. Not only would the whole world have the chance to experience the occasion but TV Film Media and visitors would put a considerable amount of money and revitalise an area that sadly needs it. The interest and numbers involved in the o2 must make it practical to consider.

Aside from this it would demonstrate to the world that peace and happiness created by talented mortals can override the extremes in the name of religion, politics and hatred which now seems to underpin the globe. Music especially eminating from the hearts and minds of this gifted group can unite the world where most other initiatives only seem to divide it, its not Bob Geldoff re-visted and its not about food its about the heartbeat and wellbeing of the world.

I know that is most unlikely but can the world still be allowed to dream?!!!!!!

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Beautiful...just beautiful *wipes tear away from eye* If crappy music was banned and Zeppelin was taught as a religion preferably, to everyone then people would realise just how talented they are and admit that ZEPPELIN ARE GOD. Theres no other explanation for them being able to produce so many songs in different genres of music appealing to just about everyone, with them all being like AMAZING at their instruments and all working together so well on stage, and you could still go to one of they're concerts and the song sounds different *in a good way* to the one on the album, and they can come up with the most recognisable riffs on the planet and all do amazing solos without going commercial or having to prostitute themselves all over the place appearing on loose women :lol: . I just wish I was about 30-40 years younger so I could have seen them in the 70s with Bonham. Sorry this is so long lol I tend to talk none stop when someone mentions Zeppelin :D. It would bring peace without Geldof being involved :D woo!! Hes just a beard with an idiot hanging off it B)

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