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I own a reproduction “Object” that I bought off of Rick of “Barrett Adventures” back in 1990.

I still have it. It looks very close to the one posted above. It’s numbered 266/1000.It has slight defects….the side are not smooth. I believe I paid around $200 for it at the time. Even though it’s a reproduction I absolutely treasure it.
Rick was such a great guy and always had cool stuff.  I loved loading up on mags and miscellaneous Zeppelin stuff a few times a year. Ebay pretty much put an end to that by the late 90’s.

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On 11/27/2022 at 1:31 AM, woz70 said:

Looks suspiciously like a repro to me....


From the article:

1) Originals: flat black paint. Repros: glossy or semi-gloss black paint.

That paint looks glossy to me.  There are visible reflections in it. 

2) Originals: very smooth sides and base; little or no imperfections. Repros: bulges and pits were prevalent, though not all that noticeable from a fair distance away; various flaws abound…brush marks from the paint, difficult to read etchings on the base, bulging top edge.

There are visible bulges, imperfections and brush marks in the photo, and the top edge is bulging too.

3) Originals: underneath the thin coat of paint, a flesh color appears IF a scratch or chip is not very deep; if deep then white shows through. Repros: only a white color shows through if scratched or chipped.

Bit hard to tell from the photo, but the various chips look quite shallow, and white

I certainly wouldn't bid for it. 


Gosh i still like it  though , id be down for a fake lol.

alot of  TOO many angles to figure out if i was to make one myself! 

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