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The all-LeftHanded All-Star Band

Big Klu

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um....some obvious ones, but slim pickings?

Drums- Ian Paice

Guitar- Jimi

Bass- Paul mccartney

Singer- ...who the hell knows, go by their 'microphone hand'??

Keys- ...yeah...that aint obvious either.

I guess us lefty's stick to painting or inventing :ph34r:

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You already have 2 singers, who needs a keyboard player? Dual vocals with hendrix and macca (mostly paul) and you have an awesome power trio.

pffft...well kiss the progrock concept album mega tour goodbye. <_<

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Dick Dale, Albert King and Otis Rush play a righty guitar upside down, but Hendrix restrung a righty as a lefty.

Duane and Gregg Allman are both lefties- but Duane played righty. Does he count?

If not, you got your keyboardist out of it.

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I'm a lefty---does that mean I get to be the groupie? :lol:

j/k, I swear!

I used to joke "never let your left hand know what the right one is doing...otherwise you'll have to wash both of them."

Which sounds funny but doesn't really make sense, I guess.

It begs the philosophical question, What is the sound of one hand washing?

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my husbands a leftie and my two daughters (the eldest plays guitar) and i think kurt cobain was. oops sorry leddy has already mentioned kurt. Also billy corgan

That's what i was gonna say!!

You have to be quicker on here you people :D

Here is another famous lefty :whistling:PICT0004.jpg

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