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Jimmy Page's Live tone


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First of all, I'm sure this has been done to death at this point, so my apologies. 

Like any guitar playing Zeppelin fan I search for that characteristic Page live tone. I came to the conclusion that his tone is a combination of a couple things:

A '59 Les Paul that sounds particularly tele-like, loaded with a phase reverse pot
A 60's Marshall Super Lead loaded with KT88 tubes - with the right settings
An Echoplex

Just now I came across a video that threw me for a loop, a guy that creates and sells pickups that are supposed to mimic the MSG sound. In the comments he states that he knew Jimmy's roadie (guy named Coulson) and that all stated above is basically bull****, and that Page never used push pull pots or anything like that for his tone, implying that Jimmy's roadie told him the secret to his tone (details about the pickups). It sounds like a story made up by a crazy fan, but the thing is, those pickups do sound VERY MUCH like the MSG tone... What do you all make of it? Is he full of it? 

check the video here: 


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