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Luis Rey 2023 updated edition of “Live”

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Anyone going to be picking up this updated edition of Led Zeppelin Live ? I have all prior versions including the 2017 updated version that I bought through Dave Lewis. It’s pretty pricey, but it’s a great book (aside from the terrible cover)….I see it’s currently available on Amazon Canada. Cheers



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tricky one. I love the books, and really want to support Rey who i have met a couple of times at Dave Lewis' gatherings but I got 4 previous editions sitting in arms reach from my keyboard, alongside various other books on the subject. Might sell a few older editions on the cheap and get the new one. 

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Well I received my copy today. I love it. Definitely more in-depth from past editions and many updates from what I can tell thumbing through it quickly.

What’s infuriating though is all of the typos. I’m 35 pages in and there are some glaring spelling mistakes. This needed to be proof read a few times before going to press. Aside from that I’m still glad I grabbed it and can’t wait to make my way through it. Cheers

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