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Hello all. Curious if there's anyone around from the very early Internet days of Zeppelin fandom. Digital Graffiti (which was pre-Badgeholders)? Gatherings in Cleveland and Niagara Falls? If you were around, say hi!

But anyway, I drifted away from the fan scene for a number of years, although I always had half an ear to what was going on thanks to a good man named Billy. Recently I discovered that some old vinyl bootlegs I thought I had sold years ago like a dumbass had actually been rescued by my brother, and he gave them back to me. That led me to start collecting bootlegs again - so much easier these days, dear lord I can get 10 new shows in a night, which would have been weeks of time and effort in the 90s. And then I ended up here! I've been falling in love with the band all over again, even listening to the studio albums feels fresher to me, and discovering that there's a really active fan scene, surfacing new shows, doing incredible remasters, it's mind-blowing. So...good evenin'!

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