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Whatever happenend to the 2007 Page Record?


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Robert lost his mother during the sessions for WIC, which disrupted whatever momentum they had attained. He seemed to employ a "mush-mouth" vocal technique to cover gaps in the lyrics; the full on-set of writer's block took hold soonafter.

As for Jimmy, he elected to take a Dick Dale-playing approach to at least one track.

I think he seemed bored during promotional duties, looking forward to just playing live.

It always amuses me to see WIC get such a rough ride - perhaps because most of it is sooo understated, compared to the full-on fire & brimstone of the Zep canon.

I'll concede that Plant's voice on WIC is a bit of an acquired taste, but the ensemble performances are very interesting to my ears. Put it this way - I blame it a hell of a lot more that something like Fate of Nations (another fine album).

The lack of hotshot-soloing from Page seems to have upset the guitar-slingers out there though! :D

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I hope Page releases a new solo album, while his first solo album "Outrider" wasn't a big success, I'm sure his new solo record if he releases one would be pretty high up in the Billboard Top 200. It's Jimmy Page, the world loves him. Of course Page's next solo CD will be best selling. I really hope Page releases a solo CD next year.

And most everyone above is correct that the reason Page didn't release one this year when originally planned was the Led Zeppelin reunion stopped a solo CD from happening.

I want to hear some new and original guitar playing from Pagey, to see what he's been playing lately outside of Zep. Hopefully Pagey makes the next solo album and all "instrumental" album, not an album with different vocalists.

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