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rumors on radio today 01/09/08


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i found this on the web

Jones: 'Led Zeppelin will meet this month'

By WENN world entertainment news - Thursday, January 10 02:31 pmLed Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones has fuelled speculation the legendary band will embark on a world tour by admitting there's a band meeting later this month.

The veteran rockers have so far refused to confirm rumours of a 2008 reunion tour, following their triumphant live return at a benefit concert in London last month.

But Jones admits the Stairway To Heaven group will meet to weigh up their options in the coming weeks.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "There is a band meeting in January."

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One can only hope!

I've been blasting a very good recording of the O2 show this morning- let me tell you, they're amazingly on top of their game all things considered. Imagine how they'd sound after a few gigs!

This days i was listening a lot In my time of dying but the version of the 25 of the Earl Courts Arena.... and watching the videos on youtube... the other night i found almost the whole show on youtube under the name of The Nobs and the names of the songs was on code, that was really funny....

Things like

The Nobs - The Tune Maintains Consistancy

The Nobs - Greek Heroes Never Last Forever

The Nobs - The Inclement Weather Melody

The Nobs - Large Body of Water

hehehhe people are crazy hehehhe

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I just listened to Planet Rock news and they said that Robert was in the radio this morning (in UK???) has anyone heard?? and they played a clip of his interview, he said something like : it would be cheesy to go on the road again (with Zep), as the night in 02 was really something special and magical.

Did anyone hear that?

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