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Who got married to Led Zeppelin music?

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I'm not one of those girls that thinks far in advance of dresses, but I have thought about my songs already. Bron-Yr-Aur for sure.

Myself and a friend have an ongoing joke that our wedding song is When the Levee Breaks. I don't even know what that means.

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If I got married again, yes that would be nice.

There should be amendments to marriage vows. After a while, marriage is overrated, unless one or both of you are afraid to get old by yourself, AND if you can't afford to live by yourself.

The amendments should be as follows:

It should be like a mortgage, pick your term - 10 yr fixed, 15, or 30 year fix, whatever. After the term is up-one or both parties should be able to re-evaluate what is there (or not there any longer). If it is still good, well than fine, re-invest another 10 or 20 years, take out another mortgage so to speak. If after your original term and you find out that you've got nothing in common anymore, or it will not work for another term, then say hasta la vista baby.

Sorry, got carried away off topic. What was the question?

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I wanted Zep music in the church but it wasn't really allowed back in 1979 like it is now. ( I wanted Thank You, cos i was in love) :wub: All say aahhh.

But I had some Zep played at the reception. B)

At my best friends wedding we had a lot of Zep in the reception. Plus a few of us got quite stoned.

It was funny becuae we looked pretty similar back then and his wifes grandmother came over to congratulate me for marryin g her grandaughter :o:lol:

Silly old fool. or perhaps she had parttaken of a little substance beforehand :blink:

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For a marriage surely "Trampled Underfoot" would be more appropriate?

After my first wife I would have agreed with that statement! She tried to take me for everything I was worth. The good news is I married again and it has worked out just fine.

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