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Rate the songs on Led Zeppelin IV


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Well for me, Going To California is the all time best Zeppelin song ever. It's perfection. The 1971 live versions are just stunning. I remember getting a boot of BBC and hearing it live and I was just mesmerized. Seeing Jimmy and Robert play it live in 1998 was a definite highlight. To rank Zoso, IV, Runes or Untitled... whatever you want to call this album, my list would be as follows:

Going To California

When The Levee Breaks

Misty Mountain Hop

Four Sticks

Battle Of Evermore

Stairway To Heaven

Black Dog

Rock & Roll

The last three I've heard about 9,673,419 times... radio in America is all about the burnout factor. But the first five tracks I never grow tired of. Each track on this album is dynamic in its own way.

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1. "Stairway To Heaven"

2. "Black Dog"

3. "Rock And Roll"

4. "When The Levee Breaks"

5. "Misty Mountain Hop"

6. "Going To California"

7. "Battle Of Evermore"

8. "Four Sticks"

1. Stairway To Heaven

2. Rock & Roll

3.Black Dog

4.Misty Mountain Top

5.When The Levee Breaks

6.Four Sticks

7.Going To California

8. Battle of Evermore

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Well I personally LOVE all of the songs on this album...so it will be difficult for me to rank them, but Ill try

1. Rock And Roll

2. Going To California

3. The Battle Of Evermore

4. Black Dog

5. Stairway To Heaven

6. Misty Mountain Hop

7. Four Sticks

8. When The Levee Breaks

(Subject to change at any time)

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It changes over the years so what might be top of my list now would not of been say 20 years ago.

I think 20 years ago it would of been something like

1 B Dog

2 R"Roll

3 Stairway

4 Misty M Hop

5 B of Evermore

6 F Sticks

7 W t L Breaks

8 G 2 California

but now its

1 When the levee Breaks

2 Going to California

3 Black Dog

almost the reverse of 20 years ago

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1.The Battle of Evermore

2.Going to California

3.Stairway to Heaven*

4.Black Dog

5.Rock 'n' Roll

6.Four Sticks

7.When the Leevee Breaks

8.Misty Mountain Hop

* Perhaps put Stairway to Heaven only for third, it's an heresy...This song is a sort of himn for all Led Zep fans...but the first two are so beautiful...I hope my Gods can forgive their Priestess for this impudence! ;)

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