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Let's Play God!

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I would create a pill that would end all pill taking, all wants, needs, hunger, sadness, illnesses. This pill would also install a button on our arses that would give you anything you want or need when you press it once. It would just appear in front of you, no Star Trek gizmos needed. It would also make whoever takes it think whoever they are involved with is the most gorgeous, loving, kind person ever created.

Press it twice and you disapper.

Press it 3 times and you reappear.

Press it 4 times and we know what happens, I get my "birdie" finger unstuck so I could use it to press me lil arse off.



PS I lost several to the big C.

PSS Press it 5 times and everyone climaxes like geysers. I would call this tablet G Spot/Wet Spot.

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Good one manders but do you realise how much sleep we men would need afterwards :blink:


But my biggest point was that with 30 minute orgasms, we couldn't have quickies!

Multiple simultaneous 30 minute orgasms and all Led Zep fans are my sex slaves. No hoods or cattle prods please? Manders your up first sweetie.


Oh really? :unsure::lol:

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Now thats a good one. Who can object with that? :D


I had a dream about two years ago, in the dream LZ goes on tour. I win tickets through Q104.3 and attend the concert with backstage passes. When I have visions this clear they usually happen. Lets pray to the God of Rock. :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:

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I have another, for stars to not starve themselves, because they're are people in Africa who don't have food and aren't starving by choice. That always amazed me how some people starve themselves by choice when some people don't even have food.

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