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Like A Freewheeling Stone


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Yo La Tengo Michael Lavine

It makes sense that a band as venerable as Yo La Tengo would become bored with the dictatorial nature of the average rock-and-roll show. After a couple of decades of steady touring, hitting the same dingy indie-rock clubs tour after tour, and telling the audience what they're going to hear and how they're going to hear it, the tedium must have set in something fierce. Furthermore, any conscientious band would eventually feel sympathy for our increasingly weak-kneed society, and thus strive to play more genteel and sophisticated venues that might possess some form of comfortable seating. Even many of the bigger and marginally nicer clubs force folks to stand around like chumps, though. Thankfully, Yo La Tengo has courteously resolved both vexing matters with its tour as The Freewheeling Yo La Tengo. Not only will the fans largely decide what gets played, but a good chair is a crucial component to enjoying the proceedings.

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