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Led Zeppelin Trentham Gardens Stoke on Trent 14.4.71


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I never have any problems with people sharing as such. I am just as grateful as anyone getting new stuff.

I have a newspaper article and a pic about the show written last year by the local promoter that I need to scan.

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Heres an article from my local paper last year about the show and its by the owner of a nightclub ( The Place, Hanley Stoke on Trent) back then where Zep played in 69.

Once Zep had released the 4th album and were touring, the Place was originally booked but the venue was much too small for the demand for tickets and all their gear wouldn't fit in there. So the venue was switched to Trentham Gardens which held over 2000 people.

The thing about this article is that the guy has the wrong date in the interview cos this was April 1971 but it says January 1973 ( Zep did play their in Jan 73 ( my first Zep show)

The woman in the picture doesn't know how luck she was winning a competition to meet the band ( or perhaps she did know).


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