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Again, there seems to be some confusion regarding what a riff is. Think of the beginning of Heartbreaker, that classic guitar intro. That's a riff. The unaccompanied section in the middle, that's the solo. The Stairway To Heaven solo is magical no doubt, but by definition it's not a riff. Greatest solo ever, yes.

Thank you for that explanation, and clarification. I've been confused about that term for sometime now, as it seems to erroneously defined in some places as a riff.

That being said I would say Heartbreaker. If a riff evokes an emotional response than I would go with that song.

But, there are so many.....

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The Black Dog riff is the work of John Paul Jones, and he claims to have written it on the train on the way home from a rehearsal at Page's house.


That's pretty cool, I never would have thought that. I'm a little young to have seen any live concerts but the way jimmy kind of slows it down a bit on the dvd version really makes it sound so damn funky, it gives me shivers everytime I listen to it.

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JPJ wrote black dog. Gaahhhh this is impossible how can you pick just one??? Kashmirs a good recognisable one, but then theres immigrant song and communication breackdown and such ooohhh nooo too many! Bah I'm bored. Does anyone have msn so I can have someone to talk to who likes LZ? Go ooon give your contact details to a stranger over the internet harhar :D

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For me, WLL is not just the best riff Page ever wrote, it's just the best riff in rock music.

I prefer Kashmir as a song, but only just...both of these would be in my top five Zeppelin songlist.

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led zeppelin i: how many more times

led zeppelin ii: whole lotta love (duh)

led zeppelin iii: out on the tiles (highly under-rated song)

fourth album: black dog

houses of the holy: the ocean (classic)

physical graffiti: the rover

presence: achilles last stand

in through the out door: carouselramba (when they change it up a few minutes in)

coda: were gonna groove (so live and so simple, yet so good)

if it were solos tho, i dont think id pick any of the same songs (nevermind, black dog is the best solo on that album too)

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