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"TEST" Instagram post by Led Zeppelin

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At the risk of sounding a bit facetious, I'm assuming it's genuinely a test. The post wasn't shared on the band's official Facebook or Twitter pages. It shows a photo of two Emmy Awards. They're not awarded until September this year, with nominations being announced in July.

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3 hours ago, Strider said:

I am amused that the test photo was of two Emmy Awards, which are given for television. A medium that Led Zeppelin had an aversion to their entire career.

Me too. I thought it could be related to the "Becoming Led Zeppelin" documentary.

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Or will, at this rate. I'm already older than most of my grandparents lived to be and I'm rapidly approaching the danger zone age that my parents karked it in, so the audience for this thing is diminishing all the time, man!

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