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Fate of Nations at 30 -- Copy of Dan Neer radio program?

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Fate of Nations will always be an all-time top 10 album for me, and today marks 30 years since it hit the shops. Crazy. I had to put on a pair of readers to navigate some text in the booklet. Age ... but, it sounded ageless again this morning.

Anyway, when the album hit, my local radio station aired a "premier" program which seems to have been done by "The Album Network", and Robert was interviewed by Dan Neer. I had taped it but where that tape is only Odin knows. No sign of it or similar on YouTube.

Might someone here have it, and shareable? Thanks. 

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Happy 30th anniversary Fate of Nations! Definitely one of my top favorite Robert Plant albums! You're right pujols05 in that it was "The Album Network". I also taped it but must have lost a good portion of it. I have about 28 minutes of it but that includes songs and commercials so I'm missing a lot of the broadcast.

I just listened to what I have of the inteview after reading your post. I remember It was the first time I ever heard Robert Plant talk about a Hurdy-Gurdy. I really get a kick out of Robert Plant in the interview. For instance at the end of playing "Great Spirit" Robert says "Yeah well that was uh 'Great Spirit' and I'm Robert Plant, Dan and I will be back with more of the world premiere broadcast of my album 'Fate of Nations' faster than you can say 'oh no!' and then Dan Neer quickly jumps in and says 'No, you can change that' and Robert says 'faster than you can say Jack Robinson! Funny!

And when Robert Plant is talking with Dan Neer about the harmonica and first hearing James Cotton and the original Sonny Boy Williamson doing 'Don't Start Me Talking'.  Robert starts singing it and Dan joins him in singing it and Robert says 'Woa, I have to break up the signifier? Woa boy that's much better than this shit! :lol: It gets bleeped out of course. I just found Robert Plant to be very funny in this interview. It's maybe my favorite album premiere from him.

I'm sure one of our members has it and I hope that they can share it as well.

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Dan Neer's music and interview program was nationally syndicated and distributed to radio stations on compact disc. Originals are offered on Ebay and in Goldmine magazine from time to time for $30 to $50.

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