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Passing of Led Zeppelin's Biggest Fan (20 Years Old)

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Hello - I realize this is likely an odd request, but my 20 year old son recently passed away from ALS and he was a massive fan of the band. I'm enclosing his obituary which mentions the band (yes, that is how much he loved them). If it is at all possible, we would love to have a brief quote from Robert, Jimmy or John Paul to read at his upcoming services next week - even if it is just a 'thank you Julian for being such a great fan' type of quote. It would mean so much to him and all of us.

Thank you for your consideration and any ideas for how to make this happen.
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First of all, I'm very sorry and I'm with you in your feelings.

It's really difficult. Robert Plant is currently on tour in USA, I don't know if he will play in your city or relatively close to your city, you could try to talk to someone of the STAFF, explain what you want and give a printed sheet of the link you posted here so anyone can send it to Robert but there's no certainty that something will happen.

Best regards.

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SO sorry about the loss of your very gifted son. He had so much love for the world and enjoyed helping others. I hope the members of LZ can be contacted and give a nice tribute to your son who was such a big fan of the band and gave him so much joy.

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